Carbon Black Products

Carbon Black Sales provides high-quality Carbon Blacks and Carbon Black substitutes. Our Carbon Blacks are manufactured with great attention to detail all the way from feedstock procurement to finished manufactured Carbon Black. Our holistic approach provides our customers with better products that feature not only lower prices but those that feature significantly lower emissions profiles than other carbon blacks.

Our Carbon Black Sales Team has been actively involved in Carbon Black business for over 25 years and continues to maintain strong relationships throughout the Carbon Black Industry.

The Team has been involved in building and constructing some of the world’s largest Carbon Black production plants and distribution centers operating today. Our Team continues to consult with major Carbon Black manufacturers and is actively involved in Carbon Black product development including the development of @@new compounds and concentrates using alternative and/or substitute Carbon Blacks. These @@new Carbon Black products are changing the landscape of traditional manufacturing techniques and formulas as we apply newer, more efficient, technologies and advanced process equipment into our product manufacturing pipeline.

Carbon Black Sales connects Carbon Black producers with Carbon Black users and buyers directly with producers. Our traditional Carbon Black product portfolio consists of cross section of Carbon Blacks with a large sales volume focused on N500 Series, N600 Series and N700 Series Carbon Blacks. Our primary business is the marketing, sales, trading and distribution of quality, more sustainably produced Carbon Blacks and commodities as a whole.

Greener Carbon Black Products

Today, our ASTM rated Carbon Blacks and alternative CB+ Carbon Blacks are used in – pigmenting (colorants), UV stabilizing and conductive agents in a variety of common and specialty products, including:

  • Industrial Rubber Products: Our Carbon Black (including pyrolysis carbon black (CB+)) is used in many molded and extruded industrial rubber products, such as belts, hoses, gaskets, diaphragms, vibration isolation devices, bushings, air springs, chassis bumpers, and multiple types of pads, boots, wiper blades, fascia, conveyor wheels, and grommets.
  • Plastics: Our Carbon Blacks (including pyrolysis carbon black (CB+)) are widely used for masterbatch applications, such as conductive packaging, films, fibers, moldings, pipes and semi-conductive cables, compounds in products such as refuse sacks, industrial bags, photographic containers, agriculture mulch film, stretch wrap, and thermoplastic molding applications for automotive, electrical/electronics, household appliances and blow-molded containers.
  • Toners and Printing Inks: Our Carbon Blacks (including pyrolysis carbon black (CB+)) enhance formulations and deliver broad flexibility in meeting specific color requirements.
  • Coatings: Carbon Blacks (including pyrolysis carbon black (CB+)) provide pigmentation, conductivity and UV protection for a number of coating applications automotive (primer basecoats and clearcoats), marine, aerospace, decorative, wood, and industrial coatings.
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Compounds: Our latest Carbon Blacks (including pyrolysis carbon black (CB+)) are carefully designed to transform electrical characteristics from insulating to conductive in products such as electronics packaging, safety applications, and automotive parts.

CB+ Carbon Black Fillers, Alternatives & Substitutes

We are proud to be leading global supplier, of specialized environmentally friendly Carbon Blacks that are used as reinforcing fillers and versatile commercially accepted substitutes for industrial grade Carbon Black applications. Our group now produces nearly 250,000 metric tons of CB+ Carbon Blacks annually.

These commercial grades have varying sizes and structures, each produced through quality controlled state-of-the-art process upgraders. Another key attribute of the CB+ Series products, is the fact that their manufacturing process produces next to zero carbon dioxide emissions and as a result significant carbon emissions are offset by integrating these high quality Carbon Blacks concentrates into your finished product. The CB+ Series offers industry a sustainable more cost effective alternative to traditional Carbon Blacks on the market today.

Our CB+ Series Carbon Blacks are manufactured using a very different process. In fact, in most applications we don’t use oil at all to manufacture our CB+ Carbon Blacks. We produce our CB+ Series from reprocessing existing feedstocks which already contain specific grades of Carbon Black. Once recovered this valuable resource is then refined and polished using a set of proprietary technologies and unique know-how. We offer 3 CB+ Carbon Black Series: CB+500 Series, CB+600 Series and CB+700 Series.

As we all are aware traditional Carbon Black is produced by subjecting heavy residual oil feedstock to extremely high temperatures in a carefully controlled combustion reactors which produces an industrial black powder, however for every tonne of Carbon Black produced the traditional way it usually requires 2 tons of heavy oil as the feedstock which when combusted produces 10 tons of CO2 emission for each tonne of product – our process and products are technically superior and we would love to prove it to you.

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