Carbon Black Consulting

Carbon Black Consulting

Carbon Black Sales often provides marketing, sales and strategic consulting advice for its customers including both its carbon users and manufacturers who are actively involved with rubber, plastic, ink and coating industries. The Carbon Black Sales Team has decades of direct rubber and carbon black industry experience. Our core services include but are not limited to Carbon Black Process & Process Development, Carbon Black Market Assessment, and Carbon Black Product Development. Carbon Black Sales offers afree initial consultation, as well as phone and e-mail consultation services on an hourly basis. Consultation may include, but is not limited to:

  • Carbon blacks for smooth extrusion surfaces & low PAH content
  • Carbon blacks for conductive applications (ie. wire and cable, ESD, shielding)
  • Carbon blacks for extended screen life (ie. plastics applications)
  • Carbon blacks for high performance rubber products, including tires & racing tires
  • Carbon black feedstock assessment & value determination
  • Process development for specific carbon black characteristics, (ie. low residue, low PAH, low fines)
  • Carbon black handling & physical form (powder handling, pelletisation, beading)
  • Carbon black manufacturing costs, grade analysis, variable & fixed costs
  • Current & future carbon black drivers, overviews by region & segment
  • In depth knowledge of European & North American market sectors including detailed breakdowns of tire, rubber, plastic, inks & coatings customers
  • Detailed knowledge of manufacturing costs & profit potential for rubber, plastics, inks & coatings grades
  • Information on specific carbon black, rubber and plastic compounds,
  • Chemical reactivity and compatibility issues,
  • Toll contract manufacturers and partners,
  • Defining colloidal characteristics
  • Special properties in rubber compounds and compounding
  • Chemical formula modifications, testing, and analysis
  • New product development and improvement,
  • Project feasibility studies, journal and patent literature including documentation.

Would you like to start or stop paying private label fees? Carbon Black Sales has access to an extensive collection of published, commercial rubber and plastic formulations. Let Carbon Black Sales provide you with a quality formula for your new products.

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is available upon request. Please contactCarbon Black Sales by phone or e-mail for afree initial consultation. The standard consultation rate is $150/hr. Please inquire for nonprofit and academic pricing.

Carbon Black Research & Development

Please contact Carbon Black Salesby phone or e-mail for a free initial consultation. The standard R&D rate is $150/hr. plus actual material costs (no mark-up). Carbon Black Sales will provide a free estimate for your project upon request. For R&D projects requiring more than ten billable hours, there is no consultation fee for routine correspondence. If you have an idea for a new carbon black application or formulation for a product or have an existing product that needs refinement, put Carbon Black Sales experience and strong track record to work for you.A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is available upon request.

Rubber and Plastic Formulations

Carbon Black Sales will provide you with a published, commercial rubber/plastic formulation from a database containing thousands of formulas, including automotive, tire, building materials, asphalt, carpets, etc. The price per formula is $500 and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Analytical Services

Analytical services pricing is determined by summing the Carbon Black Sales consultation fees mentioned above and, if applicable, third-party laboratory analysis fees. Carbon Black Sales will provide a free estimate for your project upon request. Unforeseeable difficulties in sample preparation and/or analyses may cause the actual cost to deviate from this estimate. Reverse engineering projects are particularly susceptible to deviations from the initial estimate, as information from one analytical technique is often used to determine which subsequent analyses are necessary. In some cases, complete reverse engineering is not possible, and as a result, can never be guaranteed. All third-party laboratory analysis fees must be paid in advance.

Carbon Black sales will determine which analytical method is most appropriate for your specific application, and will conduct the required analysis. Average turnaround time is approximately one week. For certain applications, specialized analyses may be required and this work may be outsourced to reputable laboratories. Carbon Black Sales will be responsible for all interactions with third-party laboratories, including sample shipping, correspondence, and payment. Analytical capabilities include, but are not limited to, the following: mass spectrometry (low and high resolution), nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopyinfrared (IR) spectroscopyX-ray crystallography (powder diffraction and single crystal), elemental analysisX-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS)X-ray fluorescence (XRF) spectroscopyUV-VIS absorption spectroscopyfluorescence spectroscopygas chromatography (GC), and high-performace liquid chromatography (HPLC).